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Fry’s Construction Is Tyrone’s Trusted Source for Additions and Remodeling

As a fourth generation family of skilled contractors, Fry’s Construction is a company dedicated to meeting the highest recognized standards in custom home construction. In a region known for its fair share of quality craftsmanship, Tyrone, Pennsylvania has embraced Fry Construction’s skill and dedication, as has Blair County and its surrounding suburbs.
We’re happy to report, the feeling is entirely mutual!
Our commitment to excellence is unwavering and our attention to detail can be observed and appreciated in every one of our projects to date. During the primary stages of concept design (and in some cases even as early as locating a property), Fry’s Construction works with its clients every step of the way.
At Fry’s, we take great pride in establishing a quality experience from start to finish, with your active participation throughout. Among other things, that means partnering with you, the homeowner, to advance your vision and see to its fullest potential.
Ultimately, it’s you and your family who will cast the deciding vote as to your home’s worth, charm, and allure. After all, uncompromising craftsmanship can only take you so far. Fry’s knows that, for it to be more than just an impressive, load-bearing structure, the construction has to adhere to your vision: your vision, after all, is what makes your house a home. Fry’s Construction is here to help you realize that vision—just as you’ve come to see it in your mind’s eye.
We’ll be present for every step of the pathway, or every stone in the chimney as the case may be.
Fry’s Construction believes in your vision.

In our view, the homeowner’s sense of pride is the single most important measure of success.

With a keen responsiveness to the needs of each individual client,
⦁ Kitchen
⦁ Bathrooms
⦁ Interiors
⦁ Siding
⦁ Living room