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In our view, your homeowner’s pride and sense of fulfillment are the single most important measures of success and our Reviews Page has become a living testimony to that conviction.
As a token of our appreciation to customers past, present, and future, we at Fry’s have sought to develop a Step-by-Step Process Page to act as a guide to building.
What follows is a general overview of what you can expect of Fry’s Construction, whether you’re building your own new handsome home or an elegant new addition.

#1 Craft a “Wish List”

As you look to embark on the odyssey that is building a new home or addition, we find it’s a good idea to first create a “wish list.” By gathering inspiration from magazines, catalogs, favorite shows, and the internet, it becomes possible to demonstrate—in vivid terms—exactly which features and principles of design you’d like to see woven into your home or addition.
Of course, we don’t suggest a “wish list” in lieu of ongoing conversation, but rather in addition to it.
The “wish list” has been known to shine a light on certain features, designs, textures, and configurations that defy easy explanation, acting as a helpful vehicle for the purpose of personalizing your space.
Another helpful tip in these early stages: consider how you’ll live in practical, everyday terms, whether it be with regard to entertaining, working, relaxing, or spending your holidays. In all likelihood, you’ll want to include something from most if not all these categories. Partnering with you in this way, we’ll be able to get a keen sense of your “wish list.” Eventually, bit by bit, we’ll be able to take it a step further and to turn your vision into your reality!

#2 Contact Our Office

⦁ Discuss your building location and site considerations
⦁ Identify necessary construction services (in-house design, a pre-designed home, owner-provided architectural plans)
⦁ Schedule initial consultation with your builder

#3 Hold Initial Consultation

⦁ Discuss the financing process for new home construction
⦁ Discuss the building process
⦁ Define goals in terms of timing, budget, vision, square footage
⦁ Discuss preliminary design ideas and questions
⦁ Design Phase

#4 Draft Design Plans

⦁ Review the preliminary design and floor plan, pinpointing possible alternatives
⦁ Discuss appropriate mechanical selection for internal construction
⦁ Establish direction for external construction, including foundation, water system, and all exterior finishes
⦁ Refine floor plans to meet your specific requirements
⦁ Discuss desired or recommended finishes, including carpentry, cabinetry and countertops, painting, fixtures, appliances, floor coverings, general layout
⦁ Careful examination of all building code requirements

#5 Bidding

⦁ Submission of estimated construction costs including specifications (a summary of your home’s features) and allowances
⦁ Purchase Agreement

#6 Purchase Agreement

⦁ Review and signing of the Construction Contract
⦁ Submission of home plans for permitting
Once these steps are completed the building process begins! At that time, we’ll continue to communicate. Indeed, we hope to communicate throughout the entirety of the process. In the meantime, please refer to our Services Page to learn more about each stage of the building process.